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This is/was done by etching (usually 3) short lines, through the 3 Royal Copenhagen lines with a diamond cuter.Often this marking is invisible to the naked eye unless it catches the light, so with every piece of Royal Copenhagen it is best to run a finger over the back stamp, and you will feel immediately if the piece has been marked. Most often it is something like a small dent, or firing crack, irregularity, or an error or fault in the painting on the piece, however sometimes there seems to be nothing at all to indicate why it is a second.So lets look at the other identifiers on the back stamps, using the piece by Nils Thorsson from the last blog post.

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For a full summary of the dating systems and variations go to the RC website On the above back stamp, the painters initials LB are to the right of the stamp.

Up to 1928 painters used a number, not their initials.

In some pieces before 1950 you might see the initials FXX in this spot as well - which is an abbreviation for "painted by" On the left will nearly always be two sets of numbers.

The numbers on the back stamp are not unique to the piece. In this case the pattern number of the piece is 870, and it is painted on shape number 3726 - if you look back to the previous post you will notice that the blue-bird bottle and the black and yellow bottle by Nils look the same shape - and they are - they are both shape number 3726, but of course have different pattern numbers.

Royal Copenhagen porcelain and pottery have been made in Denmark since 1775. The figurines with pale blue and gray glazes have remained popular in this century and are still being made.

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