Running man episode 160 online dating

I'm fan of RM, i think RM dance was better it was really special, they were smart specially when imitat ING running members, gwang soo oppa was in the mood as always, sukjin & garry oppa were hilarious their moves (thank you) it was well organised. it is not really okey to stay in the idea that only RM can play. for example the name tag elimination, we all know that joong kook will always win that game. so just respect their guests and their ideas for the show to keep working. the producer doent make the show just for the sake of charity and for those who only be a fans of RM since day 1.

they been through a lot to the point that it is already more than 200 episode. and we are all here are free to comment about what we like and what we dont about each of RM episode. just accept the fact that not everyone can find it funny and have to write how funny RM is in ech new ep. Sorry but this is the reason why running man suffers in the ratings battles in korea.

just bcoz someone's find 1 ep is not funny, doesnt mean you hv to disagreed to that person. By just watching RM from this sites YOU ARE ALSO NOT HELPING RM's Rating! First of all, make up your mind, are they going for an asian games themed show or a kpop star themed show because mashing the two up is just a halfbaked and inadequate idea.

They just wasted the opportunity to use the korean athletes similar to what cool kiz does.

They also could have really went all out on the kpop star idea similar to what inifinite challenge does.

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