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Other huge turn-offs for Reddit users were 'baby pictures of themselves - why the f*** would I care what you looked like as a baby?

Wealthy people have taken to Reddit to explain what it really feels like to have a lot of money, sharing tales of feeling isolated from friends and having to cut off family members who constantly ask for handouts People admitted that they had drifted apart from their friends because they couldn't relate to each other's lifestyles.

Some found their pals wanted to pay for everything, while others complained their mates felt patronised if they offered to foot the bill'That's where you find the wealthiest of the wealthiest.

It really f***s up your mind when everyone is wearing designer coats/gloves/backpacks/socks/t-shirts/dresses/skirts/boots, and then you go out in public and realise that's not something that everyone else obsesses about.'Twistytwistin opened up about how difficult it is to find true friends when you have a lot of money.

He explained that his family used to be extremely wealthy, but had lost everything in a matter of days.

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