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For By Month, click on the image the resembles a calendar and select the start date from which you wish to see the transactions and select the closing date and follow the above process to see the report of download the report.As with Account balance, you can also get a mini statement at any ATM or from mobile banking app.Apart from the above methods, if you have a registered your email with your bank, the bank also sends a statement once every quarter with all the transactions and final balance.

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The Simply SMS facility lets you receive information related to your SBI Card or TATA Card in an SMS.

The services that you can avail through Simply SMS are listed below, along with the keywords you need to use.

Here, XXXX refers to the last 4 digits of your SBI or Tata Card number.

Please note, for every SMS request that you send to 5676791, there is a premium charge applicable.

If your account has an ATM or Debit card, you can visit any ATM, preferably State bank group ATM (as using other than State Bank ATM for more than 5 times in a month will attract a transaction fee), and check your account balance.

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