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The belts stretch and snap over time and/or the white nylon clutch wheel melts like this. The vacuum monolith that is Dyson, that controls over 50% of the UK vacuum cleaner market, was built from the profits of machines like the DC04.

If you are thinking of rebuilding a clutch, clutch belts are no issue to find, but the white wheel (cog) that melts has always been unavailable . Yes, the after-market has ridden over the hill to the rescue again! And many thousands of DC04s are still in use today. However, a couple of years ago, Dyson discontinued all parts support for the DC04 and basically hoped to relegate them to history.

Just to put these parts in context, here is where they go. Of course, Dyson don’t really want you using a twenty year old vacuum cleaner, they want you to spend £300+ on a new one. They now reckon we all need “Cinetic” machines with no filter, a robot or a cordless machine that can be over £400.

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If you have a few hundred quid spare, why not buy one? As with cars, a couple of years after they come out, you can buy a “genuine” oil filter for £20 or an “Aftermarket” one for £8. This isn’t bad design, this simply aged plastics doing what they do beyond their expected service life. Your wand handle broke after ten years, so it happens. But Dyson won’t sell you one because they are now “obsolete”. I will update the topic here when they become available in the UK in a couple of months.

But what of the people who are quite happy with the old DC04 they already have? They both do the same thing (often made in the same factory) but one costs less and comes in a different box. When the original manufacturer stops making them, very often an after-market manufacturer will make them instead. Over a decade or two, we saw weaknesses in the DC04 wand handle. If you like what you read on Dyson Medic please use the social media buttons below to spread the good word – we like that!

What of the people who simply want to fix it or buy a spare part when it breaks? This is why you can still buy parts for 1970s Hoover Juniors. , the more traditional vacuum cleaner buyer, who remembers bags and likes a more traditional machine with a flex as a main vacuum, is sometimes tempted to look elsewhere.

If you are looking for a quality vacuum cleaner, and don’t fancy a Dyson, you may well end up at the door of Sebo.

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