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He described her sex education program for primary grades as “graphic and explicit sex education starting in Grade One,” continuing, “as a father of three I share the concern of many of my constituents that these policies are dangerous and expose young children to explicit sexual behaviour and teach practices and concepts that parents consider offensive and morally questionable.” “The Liberals need to stop attacking family values and instead focus on teaching a curriculum that reflects the beliefs of parents,” he concluded.While Gill avoided identifying the concerns with any ethnic group, the Asia Pacific Post had no such qualms.

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In 2006, following a successful career, in which he held key R&D positions in hi-tech companies, Eyal joined Rotem and Oren to establish, develop and manage all of Sekindo’s R&D activities. in mathematics and computer science, which he completed in the honors track.

Eyal manages the development of the company’s platform, and leads the development of technology at the forefront of the digital advertising industry. In 2006, after garnering experience and succeeding as an affiliate marketer in international advertising markets, and thanks to the experience he gained, from working as a software engineer for hi-tech companies for several years, Rotem developed the idea behind Sekindo’s advertising platforms.

Rotem is in charge of media management and publisher solutions at Sekindo. Sekindo Video Star is the leading technological solution for video SSP (Supply Side Platform).

Rotem graduated from the Academic College of Tel Aviv – Yafo with a B. Sekindo Video Star sources digital video advertising that delivers the highest monetization – with the highest fill rates and ECPM.

Sekindo Source is the leading technological solution for video SSP (Supply Side Platform).

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