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Eleff notes that Jung was among the few American rabbis who championed the legacy of Samson Raphael Hirsch, in the 1920s and 1930s (and beyond); his sermons and publications often referenced Hirsch’s ideas and his Eleff recognizes that Leo Jung’s encounter with Hirsch’s ideas—likely extending back to his parents’ home given the influence of Hirsch’s thought on Jung’s father—was part of his experience at the Hildesheimer Rabbinical Seminary.

One often sees that individuals' have smicha from R' Zalman Nechemia Goldberg. Below is a standard response I prepared based on many people's questions.

The smicha exams are typically considered more theoretical than that of the Israeli rabbinate, which requires more memorization. Not everything below may pertain to you, but hopefully your questions will be among those addressed.

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it appears from this prep book advertisement that R' Goldberg also gives smicha for Niddah as well as Issur v'Heter? I know that people who live outside of Israel do seek and receive semicha from the Rav.

He generally requires at least one letter of recommendation from an established rabbi such as a Kehilla Rav, Rosh Yeshiva or Rosh Kollel saying, for example, that he knows the candidate, for how long and in what context while also attesting to the candidate's experience and seriousness in learning as well as his intentions for requesting the semicha and his plans for the future.

Since getting semicha through him involves both a written and oral bachina, people may fax, mail or otherwise deliver the written bachina ahead of a planned visit to Jerusalem in order to allow time for the Rav to review it before meeting him for the oral bachina.

The nature of the oral bachina depends on a person's stated purpose for wanting the semicha.

For one who intends to go into chinuch or kiruv, the oral generally covers only some of the main points covered in the written.

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