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All images used in our templates were downloaded from open source websites: hu.All of them have 99.9% uptime, no setup fees; support is available 24/7.Most of these host companies also provide a nice marketing bonus (Google, Yahoo and MSN certificates for Pay-per-Click traffic), the control panel for your website, the ability to host multiple websites on one account, My SQL databases, emails, antivirus protection and much more!

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All these web templates are 100% free and have fully valid xhtml/css coding. There's more at dream web templates or here for wordpress themes.

I’ve had a little utility that I’ve been kicking around for some time now that I’ve found to be quite useful in my Java Script application-building endeavors.

It’s a super-simple templating function that is fast, caches quickly, and is easy to use.

I have a couple tricks that I use to make it real fun to mess with. cache[str] = cache[str] || tmpl(Element By Id(str).inner HTML) : // Generate a reusable function that will serve as a template // generator (and which will be cached).

Joomla is a powerful content management system with a wide range of plugins to extend its capabilities.

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