Stephanie millionaire matchmaker online dating rituals

This is to avoid impaired judgement so that both parties involved can figure each other out with a clear-eyed look at the potential future.

And speaking of drinks on dates, she has a very traditional definition of the word date.

In her words, “no meal, no date.” In other words, it’s not a date if it’s coffee.

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But Stanger is surprisingly prudent and wise – especially for Hollywood.

Don’t get me wrong; she acts out everything I can’t stand about our current culture.

She panders to the shallow, vapid super-rich, many of whom seem to be lacking in basic ethics and manners.

She comes across as catty, fussy and very high-maintenance, more of a diva than an astute businesswoman. And she publicly humiliates people, particularly those who have to audition to be the millionaires’ dates. But on the screen, she comes across initially as someone you love to hate…

…that is, until I saw the video clips of her dating advice.

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