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The bridegroom, his parents and friends must ask the bride's parents for her hand.The bridegroom's parents come with a Ukrainian round loaf (homemade, round, big bread beautifully decorated).The round loaf is delivered on an embroidered towel made by the bridegroom's mother, and on top of the bread there is some salt.

Usually, her father gives an answer, after asking his daughter about her decision ? If the bride wishes to take this guy as her future life partner, the bridegroom's and bride's parents discuss the time and place of the wedding party.

But..the girl does not wish to marry the guy, she gives him a pumpkin!

best Russian friends for her will be other Russian women married to men from your country.

They will be able to advise her on many things that they already have gone through. Bride's friends have been with her since early morning.

They put a gown on her, make a hair-do and put on a bridal veil...

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