cantecul cidului online dating - Thai dating websites review

On the whole, Thailand’s a pretty awesome place to come on vacation or to live in. But surprisingly, I’d never before visited Thailand. I’ve never lived anywhere there’s been so many dogs. By day the stray dogs usually lie around in the sun being fat [...] I’ve traveled widely throughout Asia, and have even spent four months living in China.Anyway, here are my first impressions of Thailand, and in particular, Bangkok: On the taxi ride from Bangkok’s airport into the centre of town, the place most reminded me of Japan.

After spending time in Asia, talking to Asian women and looking for my own Asian wife, I am convinced that the best course of action is this: If you want an Asian wife, move to Asia!

Here [...] Here are some statistics from the Thai Dating Sites Guide.

They show which cities the Thailand based visitors to this site came from.

This map overlay shows the major locations of the visitors to the site: As you might expect, the majority of visitors are from Bangkok, with a strong showing from Chiang Mai.

Bangkok [...] If you’re interested in finding a Thai bride, then you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for!

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