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Fans who have read the Season 2 manga version of "Tokyo Ghoul" were apparently disappointed that a lot of events did not really tie in with the original storyline, The Cross Map reported.Hence, a rumored reboot revolving around Touka Kirishima being the main spotlight of the upcoming "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 are started making rounds in the online world.

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While nothing is impossible, the reports ought to be taken with a grain of salt unless FUNimation confirmed the news.

Check out the video below: New Hospital Dubbed 'The Biggest Hospital in the Universe' Opens in Zhengzhou A newly built hospital in Central China's Zhengzhou City had its grand opening on Sept. The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University is taking up 500,000 square meters in total and the construction cost was some 2.5 billion yuan ($374.77 million).

is an anime comedy directed by Hideyuki Tanaka and produced by Genco, Suplex, framegraphics and Geneon Entertainment.

The show pre-began as 14 eight-minute segment episodes which aired on Fuji Television's Flyer TV block from June 18, 1998 to September 24, 1998 from to , with the animation being produced by Tokyo Kids. Super Milk Chan , ran for 12 twenty-four-minute episodes which aired on WOWOW's Space Shower TV block from January 27, 2000 to April 13, 2000 at and then . Vision features two different English-dubbed versions: a straight translation of the Japanese version (which aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block on October 31, 2004 with the original vintage episodes before making its official series premiere a week later) and an Americanized version with western pop culture references and short live-action skits featuring ADV voice cast members.

In Asia, Middle East and Australia, 14 episodes of Super Milk Chan aired on Channel V in 1998. The show centers on the activities of Milk, a 5-year-old superhero who may or may not actually have any powers and can do very little besides making popular culture references. Definitely." She lives in a house on a suspended platform with her malfunctioning robotic maid Tetsuko and her drunken pet slug Hanage (nosehair). In each episode, the President (of "Everything", according to his name) calls with a new mission; whether Milk actually takes the mission is not guaranteed.

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