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1841] hypothesis that the panels contain portraits of the Van Eyck brothers and their sister Margaret.

Die Gemäldesammlung in der Kaiserlichen Eremitage zu St.

Ermitage Impérial: Catalogue de la galerie des tableaux.

444, notes that Tatistcheff purchased them in Spain as the work of Jan van Eyck, but based on parallels between the Last Judgment and a painting of this subject in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, signed and dated by Petrus Christus, attributes the wings to Christus in a considerably earlier period.

1, ascribes them to an immediate pupil of Jan van Eyck. 574–75, questions the attribution to Petrus Christus. "Altflandrische bilder in Spanien und Portugal." Zeitschrift für bildende Kunst 22 (1887), pp.

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