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Simply create a profile, then go about telling random people if you would sleep with them or not - no context or prior knowledge of their personality required.If it sounds like something that you could get slapped if you ever tried it in real life, that's because it most certainly is. Again, the site does make sense and serves a purpose, but the fact that a dating service for those with sexually transmitted diseases needs to exist in the first place is already sort of sad. is for those who work in the death industry, be it in funeral homes or morgues.It's understandable to want to meet someone who has a job that's similar to your own, but is talking about corpses and cremation really going to ignite that relationship's spark?

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Then again, those early commercials were a sight to behold.

It's quite possibly the saddest thing on the internet: a dating website dedicated entirely to ugly people.

Granted, at the most basic of levels, the site could be a useful tool, but watching people degrade and categorize themselves as 'ugly' is all sorts of sad.

The fact that the site is as popular as it is just puts the icing on a very depressing, lonely cake.

is designed for men and women who are tired of looking for someone to marry and just want to get on with it.

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