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Allen was hired shortly after and now there were 5 people working full time in Greg’s house.

The business had slowly taken over the whole basement and half of the main floor of the house; it was time to move.

In May of 2013 East Coast Dyes moved into a 2,000 square foot facility in Lutherville, Maryland. Tom, Keith, Travis, and Pat were hired as well as some friends to work for the summer. Countless retailers across the world were now carrying East Coast Mesh in their stores.

Greg Kenneally was always the team “stick doctor”; every team has one and Greg was always the best.

In early 2011 during his senior year of college, Greg felt he could turn his passion into a full time business.

So he did, and by the middle of fall he started dyeing and stringing sticks for his customers.

While taking requests and selling his work on E-bay, he continued to share work with everyone through You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter.

In late 2011 after graduating from Elizabethtown College, Greg walked into his family room and announced to his roommates that he was going to make his own wax mesh.

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