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Home THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE PORT HURON CITY COUNCIL - MONDAY, MARCH 22, 2010The Port Huron City Council met for their regular meeting at the Municipal Office Center at 7 p.m. Hilary stated that the group intended to update the Council quarterly. In September of 2009, the Commission was formed and charged to investigate causes of blight, neighborhood decay and the decline of Quality of Life in Port Huron.

First on the agenda was a presentation from Hilary Bridge, Chair of the Quality of Life Commission who updated the City Council on what has been happening at their meetings.

When they started, one of their first tasks was to look at tools and procedures that were already in place through the city planners office, address substandard rentals, identify tools for the council and to make recommendations to the council based on what they find.

Each Commission member presented their ideas and what their top priority was.

Some of the goals talked about were to encourage the city to increase enforcement of blight ordinances, the conditions of neighborhoods focusing on blight, taking a look at the condition of housing stock and why the number of rentals is so high.

Some of the other issues they discussed was the demolition of dangerous structures, an increase in efforts to control crime, improvement of socio-economic traits of the city and economic redevelopment (which means jobs).

One of the first projects they started was to put together a citizens survey that was sent to 500 households.

Chief Porrett started out by sharing a few statistics.

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