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), which is a special command und internally triggers the use of the File Log "get" function, which extracts data from the logfile.The general syntax is: For even more details see Logget or the module 92_File If you do not get the result you are expecting or, worse, no data at all, you may use the debug facility of FHEM to see what the get-command extracts from the logfile.

Was ist svg dating sites

Hier wird das Anlegen per Hand beschrieben, was für Ungeübte umständlich und nicht empfehlenswert ist.

Mit "Create SVG Plot" in der File Log-Detail-Ansicht steht inzwischen zur Vereinfachung ein Konfigurations-Frontend zur Verfügung: .gplot-Editor.

Output using the PGM2 engine is generated through .gplot files.

The name is historical and today files can be generated using gnuplot or SVG graphics.

This howto lists the most important aspects of generating a SVG configuration file.

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