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Richa Chadha, who started dating Franck last year, has decided to end her nine months old relationship by calling it quits.

Murray Walker is making a TV comeback at the age of 92.

Murray , who quit commentating for good in 2005 and has only worked occasionally in the past decade will interview a series of drivers in-depth for the new Channel 4 Formula One coverage .

He said: “Somebody just said how do you feel about coming out of retirement and my answer is I haven’t actually been away. “But I am back here because to be honest I find it flattering to be asked and I am very conscious of the fact Channel 4 will be providing free to air coverage of Formula One and that is terribly important because that is where the big audiences are.

“I am going to provide special features like interviewing drivers like Jenson Button and so on.

“But I certainty won’t be doing commentary, I am not on top of it to that detail.” Coverage will also feature Lewis Hamilton ’s brother Nicolas, although there could be some complaints as the dozen strong line up only features two women.

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