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Curses like a sailor If I can’t bring you home to momma we can’t roll.

I can’t stand a woman who every word out her mouth is n word this, n word that, mothereffer this, son of a —– that.

Once again, have a cup of class and act like a lady not a garbage man.

You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. I love my husband immensely and though we generally get along very well, we are still getting used to each other’s quirks and learning to live together.

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Right about the time we got married, my husband started a new job at a bank (which I am thrilled about), where he is required to dress professionally every day.

I am a full-time student and work nearly full-time in the two-year-old class of a daycare, where I dress comfortably enough to chase around 16 toddlers and run the risk of being puked on at any minute.

My issue is that no matter what we do after work, my husband insists on staying dressed up and I always feel like a sloppy mess.

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