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And that's true even if we’re not in a position to start a foundation or to embark upon the kinds of projects that only a billionaire can tackle. But your father was my teacher - and he became my father as well.

The Debt A friend of mine, a prominent attorney, shared with me a personal story that inspired him to change his life. " "Although we've never met," the stranger told him, "I too am the rabbi's son. He cared about me as much as if I were his real son.

By the standards of our materialistic society which considers the question of "How much is he worth? When he passed away I made a vow to annually visit and in the presence of his soul express the debt I owe to him." "It was then," my friend confided to me, his eyes welling with tears, "that I wondered who other than those bound by familial obligations would come to my graveside after I'm gone to give thanks for what my life had meant to them.

” to be the same as to ask how much money a person has, one would have had to respond, "not very much." A year after his father's death, my friend went to pay his respects at graveside and to offer prayers in his memory. I've made money, lots and lots of it, but my father made people.

To his great amazement, a stranger was standing at that very spot, weeping and praying. And it was then that I decided that I would from that day forward commit a significant portion of my time and my funds to make a difference in the lives of others.

"The reason you know me as someone who is philanthropic and who serves a multitude of communal roles is because I decided I desperately want my life to be remembered not by way of leaving an inheritance but rather by leaving a legacy.

In Part 2 of Oprah's conversation with comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey, he answers real questions—with his signature brand of humor—from studio audience members who need advice on relationships, money and success.

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